Warm Fall Dressing Tips - By Susan from Susanafter60

Note from Pauline Durban, founder of Evpalmbeachmarketing.
If you've been around a while you know that
Susan loves us and has been doing reviews almost since
the launch. She always looks stunning and red is definitely her color.

Over to Susan...

Many followers who live in warmer climates have asked for suggestions
on how to dress more fall-like without overheating.
A few styling tips can help you celebrate the season without melting.

Balance the exposure on the top with the bottom.
When you wear a three-quarter sleeve top with a low neckline,
show a bit of skin at your ankles too.

Closed-toe shoes or short booties are another way to make your look more appropriate for fall.

Skip the heavy socks or tights for now, and wear no show socks instead.
I like the socks because they don’t slip off as I walk.

Wear bold or darker colors in fabrics that aren’t heavy.
My lip color today is Girl’s Night here.

The top has bell sleeves and a V neckline, which are very flattering for gals with a large bust.
The color is perfect for cool skin tones.

It was a gift from Evpalmbeachmarketing (here).

When you buy two tops, the third one is free! (Or use the code FNF20 to get 20% off one or two items.)
Only one promotion will work.

My jeggings and handbag are both a couple of years old.
My short booties are also old.
The elements of my looks are rarely new

When I show photos taken inside my home, I often get decorating questions.

I tend to collect items that appeal to me and keep them
for many years (as I do with my wardrobe).

The cushions on my sofa were looking very tired,
so I picked up new throw pillows
(similar here) this week.

The change to more contemporary fabrics made a significant impact.

I appreciate your questions and positive comments,
no matter if you are asking about solo travel, healthy food options,
skincare or makeup, styling tips, or decorating.
I’m always happy to share what I’ve learned
or go searching for more info so that I can respond helpfully.

Remember, when you buy two tops, the third one is free!
(Or use the code FNF20 to get 20% off one or two items.)
Only one promotion will work..

Happy Shopping

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